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Monday, April 13, 2009

NEW Undelete Button on Dashboard!

Getcher Blog Back!--Maybe
There has been an astonishing development in Blogger--it is, to me, at any rate! Until recently, there was no official feature with which to retrieve or recover a deleted blog. Now we can undelete those blogs that we accidentally deleted! Someone is always having that problem for all kinds of reasons, some of which are pathetic and some of which are our own fault, but FINALLY Blogger has a feature that will let us push a button and Undelete our mistake!

At present, I know that it worked on a very small blog that I'd deleted only a few minutes before, but that's a start. It may do just as well on larger blogs or on blogs deleted last month--it's just too new for me to know yet all of how it works! My understanding is that the "delete" has to have taken place within the last 90 days.

  1. Go to your Dashboard.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Show All" if need be.
  3. You should then see the name of the blog you deleted at the bottom.
  4. In the Dashboard list, you'll see "Undelete this blog" to the right of where the deleted blog is named in a ghostly grey print.
  5. Click on "Undelete".
  6. Blogger will inform you (immediately) of the success (or lack of it?).

Below is the screenshot of the bottom of my Dashboard AFTER I clicked on "Show All". You can see that the bottom blog, "Spitting Out The Seeds Of Regret" (which I had deleted only a little earlier this same day) now shows in a ghostly print and has the "Undelete this blog" link out to the right side of it.

Screenshot of Dashboard list AFTER undeleting the bottom post shown above--of course, in my case, I had to click "Show All" yet one more time because it had reverted to the shorter list I usually keep visible:

After this stage, the blog that had been deleted HAD been successfully Undeleted and ALL of it was intact, including the four posts that had been there. This is how it's supposed to work, but I repeat that I have not yet had the experience of undeleting either a VERY LARGE blog or one that was deleted six months ago.