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[For Newbies or anyone else who gets lost in the rain in Juarez.]

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Team Blog

To create a Team, aka private, blog
1. From Dashboard, click on Settings.
2. Click on Permissions.
3. Under your own name, you will see Add Authors.
4. Add the new members' email addresses, separated by a comma. Each member will have to accept his/her invitation.
5. You can select below that just Who can read your blog. I know it'll do 5 or 6 at a time, but what the limit may be in that box is unknown to me.

If you want to make one or all of the team members administrators, just click on the word "guest"; it's like a toggle and will change to "administrator".

When you're through, make sure to click on the correct choice below as to who can read your blog. Click one of the three options and you're done.

If you've recently changed your blog from public to private, but it seems like it HASN'T changed yet, you may need to see this POST ABOUT PRIVACY.
ALSO: There is an overall limit of 100 persons that you can have on a private/team blog.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Email Notifications--Google Groups

How do I create a group?
1. Go to the Blogger Help Group forum and look in various locations where it says "Create a group". There is one under the Reply under each question. There's one at the bottom of most pages.
2. If you create a group there, you can add multiple email addresses at one time. Be sure to mark them all to recieve all email notifications.
3. You will be given an email address for the Google Group; copy it.
4. Then, in your blog, go to Settings - Email - Blogsend Address.
5. Enter or paste the email address you were given in the Google Group. Save Settings and you should be through.

More explicit directions to put a "Subscribe To" box on your sidebar can be found here: Subscribe


Friday, June 22, 2007

Delete A Post Or Draft

To delete either a Published or a Draft Post
1. From the Dashboard, Click on Manage: Posts for the appropriate blog.
2. Click the box to the left of the appropriate post. That will highlight the whole line with yellow.
3. Keeping track of the yellow highlight, move to the far right so that you can click Delete there. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete it. Click on the "Delete It" to confirm it.

Below is the screenshot to illustrate the above. The sixth line, "Am I Beta Yet", is highlighted with pale yellow because the "delete" box has been checked for it:

Note: when "delete" doesn't work as it should, one temporary fix would be to try the "save as draft" option which has the effect of "un-publishing" the post. It will still be on your Edit Posts list, but your visitors won't see it any more.