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[For Newbies or anyone else who gets lost in the rain in Juarez.]

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Change font size in sidebar

In New Blogger
1. go to Dashboard
2. go to Layout
3. click on Fonts and colors
4. click Sidebar Title Font in box at left
5. locate Smaller and Larger at right
6. click one or more times to increase/decrease the size
7. click Save Changes when finished


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blogs Don't Really Delete

Addendum to orignal post:


See my post NEW Undelete Button on Dashboard

Deleting blogs is a misnomer.

Deleting your blog is problematic. Spam bloggers can jump on it (probably via robots) as soon as you "delete" it. Somehow Blogger's procedures allows them not only to grab your old address, but in many cases keep the content (posts) as well! Your writing then is used as "cover" or "bait" for the lazy-ass spammers; they keep your blogful of content alive, for their gain.

(They may steal your content by pulling up a cached version of your blog on the web.)

Even if none of that happens to you, Google caches (for instance) will not let your dead horse be buried. Cached versions linger on for long periods, so that you haven't really made it "disappear" utterly.

If I wanted to delete one of my blogs, I'd replace the content with a single dummy (aka "stub") post, one that just exists, that doesn't say much. Maybe it could say "Oink!" or some other favorite message of your own. I'd leave it like that, hoping that further Google rides across the Internet to Cache everything would then cache my dummy post.

I can't help but think Blogger may someday deal with the spammers so that Bloggers can delete without such worries. However, there is no telling how far away that is.

Never underestimate the value of contacting Blogger about such undeleted blogs. I have known them to obliterate all trace of them or to get them back for us, but it is often difficult to get their attention. Contact them at Blogger Support. Be persistent.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Links List in Beta

Migration Is A Two-Step Process

On the Dashboard of blogs that have been migrated to Beta (New Blogger), there's a Manage list out to the right of each blog title that says Posts Settings Layout. If you have not been migrated at all or if your template has not been upgraded at all it will say: Posts Settings Template.

If migrated, your Navbar will also have Customize and New Post in it. Clicking Customize there or Layout in Dashboard will start the rest of the procedure (upgrading the template).

If you are in Beta, you will be able to add a Page Element, one of which is a links list. When you add it, be sure to have handy access to the URLs that you wish to enter and then just follow the directions. Enter the title and URLs for each blog, click on Add Link, and when all links are added be sure to save the changes before exiting.

If you are interested in having links open in new windows, titles, or alt comments on pics, you should choose an html/javascript page element rather than a Links List. If the Links List allowed any of that, I never figured it out!


Friday, November 17, 2006

Am I Beta (Layout Template) Yet?

If you think your blogs might have changed from Classic template to Beta (aka New Blogger or Layout), but you aren't sure that it happened, consider this:

If your blogs have been migrated to Beta (Layout), then you'd have "Customize" in the Navbar above your Title or "Layout" instead of "Template" in your dashboard. Click on either and it'll offer to upgrade your template. If Customize and Layout aren't there, your blogs haven't been fully converted to Beta. If they are there, click on them so that you can Upgrade your template to Beta. You can also check beneath the Template tab for "Customize Design" and click on that to Upgrade your template.

[Screenshot below shows above references.]


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Migration To Blogger Beta

Waiting For Beta

I think most people have had to wait to be "invited". On a gradual basis, I guess they do get invited. At one time when I was not yet interested in Beta, I saw the following; I don't know how it works.


I waited until there was an invitation, which was a text blip that started appearing after each "publish" on the right hand side of my screen telling me about how you could do "more" with Beta. The first step was to "migrate" my blogs into Beta, but then I had to Customize and Upgrade them in order to be fully converted.

Migration was done to all blogs at once. The other procedures were done one blog at a time, as I requested them. Clicking on Customization will cause it to offer to "upgrade" your template.

I had 4 or 6 blogs that they migrated all at once, saying they'd notify me when it was over. I thought that meant it'd take a long time, and maybe sometimes it does. But it only took 3 minutes to migrate my blogs, including the big one (The Rat Squeaks, with nearly 1000 posts). So Blogger's not slow all the time!

See other migration-related posts on this same site. (Click on migration under Label.)


Monday, November 13, 2006

Expandable Post Summaries

For New Blogger (Layout template), see HACKOSPHERE

I have personally installed and used the hack from Hackosphere on 3 of my own blogs, including this one, and it works very well. It was demanding enough that it took me 4 times to get it right, but it was worth it.

Unfortunately, I didn't need to use a summary for this post because it's so short!

Fair Warning, though, about the above: In some cases, even short posts that you have not coded to say "Read more" at the bottom will do so, anyway. I would like to see a fix for this myself, but until it occurs, I don't mind the slight confusion. In some cases, I marked my short posts with END. at the end of the post, so even if it's marked "Read more", you can see that it's finished.

These sites might help, but I haven't used them, so I'm just pointing them out:

For classic Blogger, check expandable post summaries in Blogger help.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Write Blogger Support

Inform Blogger Support of your problem. Give as much detail as you can for them to understand. Don't waste your time cursing them. If they don't help you instantly, they may take a while to get to you, but eventually a human will reply instead of the robot.

The Main Blogger contact is Slow Poke Blogger Support.

You probably have to keep notifying them; Their first response is always an automated reply. If their first response gives you a number, reference it every time you write back!

Another line of communication is