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[For Newbies or anyone else who gets lost in the rain in Juarez.]

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Unordered List In Sidebar

You have two options:
  • Unordered List (with bullets)
  • Unordered List (with bullets)
  1. Ordered list (numbered)
  2. Ordered list (numbered)
Newbies using New Blogger template may be better off using the Link List in the Page Elements. It is easier for the lazy Blogger; however, it is more difficult to backup the Link List widget than to just backup the Page Element. You'll also have more control over it later (when you've become more informed) in a Page Element.

Before I forget, there is a third kind of list; when you just start your list items and don't specify either ordered or unordered, you will get plain bullets (or whatever your CSS specifies)

There is an even newer Blog List type of page element if you're trying to create a BlogRoll and you may find it preferable--it does a very different (and nifty) thing for you!

[More below...]

(Page Element and Gadget (or Widget) are different names for the same thing--one is more accessible to you (through the Layout page) and the other, in the template, you can go into more deeply as far as editing it IF you know how!)

So I prefer the ul or ol list, whose html code I can keep backed up in a Notepad file or other plain-text program, in an html/javascript page element.

If you are using a Classic template, you will need a list of this sort for the sidebar. In a Layout template, you'd put the code in a Gadget.

Put this after or at least not inside the other ul lists in the sidebar in the template.

Below is the code for a list of links that you could use HTML to put it in your sidebar via the Classic template or into a Gadget (html/javascript Page Element)in a Layout template.

First one below is an example of a link.

<h2>New Category</h2>

<li><a href="http://www.zandria.us/">Keep Up With Me </a> </li>
<li>list another one! </li>
<li>list another one! </li>

If your template uses a particular "class" for it's titles in the sidebar, just imitate (copy) them in order for your new list titles to match the old ones.

For a second list, if needed, do another title and pair of start and end tags and fill in the middle part.

For just one link in the sidebar, use code as below:
<a href="http://rodentia.blogspot.com/The Rat Squeaks</a>

The difference between an unordered list as above and an ordered list which Numbers your list is merely using an ol tag instead of the ul tag!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Leave Your Email At Blogger Help Group?

Your email address won't be published in BHG messages; Blogger will suppress it if you list it the normal way. You should use some spacing or else use tricks like:

ratsouthern AT gmail DOT com

And most experienced Internet users will know what you mean! Blogger won't suppress what it doesn't recognize nor will the spammer be likely to harvest it (which is what Blogger is trying to prevent when it suppresses our emails).