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[For Newbies or anyone else who gets lost in the rain in Juarez.]

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Revert To Never-Never-Land?

I found a curious thing, though I may be among the last to discover it. I just took a recently-created blog, played with it, then subjected it to the "Revert to Classic" button. Oddly enough, the system "reverted" it even though it had never been a classic template. I didn't test everything about it, but I thought it was very curious. Maybe someday I'll think of some use for this marvellous piece of information. Till then, la di dah...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Change Email Options In Google Subscription List

1. Go to your subscription page where all the posts are listed.
2. Find the "Edit my membership" icon on the right and click it.
3. Then you'd have a page listing the options about email choices.
4. Select one option.
5. Be sure to click "Save these settings".

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Table for Horizontal Photos In Post


Haven't done any of those in a while. Tedious.

[Those of you wishing to cut to the chase quickly, start reading the large yellow-highlight area below, which is below the fourth straight red line.]
Below is the code that makes a small table like the one above have photos side by side:

<center><table border=4 width=95%><tr><th align=center>Ronald</th> <th align=center>Southern</th></tr><tr><td><img src=\"http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_AVxLoZ0mR_0/R0tYGSDQasI/AAAAAAAAAcI/fNyWP--ziLI/s1600/twinkiebite.gif\" /> </td> <td><img src=\"http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_AVxLoZ0mR_0/R0tYGSDQasI/AAAAAAAAAcI/fNyWP--ziLI/s1600/twinkiebite.gif\" /> </td></tr></table> </center>

[More below...]

A MORE SIMPLISTIC SAMPLE OF A TABLE (followed by its code) is shown below:


<table border=2>
<td>OR TEXT</td>


In order for the Table not to cause extra line breaks in Blogger posts, there are two methods:

Method #1: You may need to copy it out like this (no line breaks of your own):

<table border=2><tr><td>PICTURE</td><td>OR TEXT</td></tr></table>

--To create additional row(s), add another set of "table records" such as

<tr><td>picture or text</td></tr>

as needed. Place them after the first table record and before the end tag, </table>.

--Remember that the photos cannot exceed the width of the area where you are placing them or else it will create problems, probably your sidebar being pushed down.

Method #2: This is something I've tried a number of times now. It does seem to be very effective, especially if you're going to use tables often. It is not good, though, for creating a table around a list (numbered or otherwise) because it will remove the page breaks and show the list as if it's a regular paragraph. It'll make the info resemble a traffic jam. This method makes the change in this way, using css:

Table Formatting In CSS

My explanation of the Table Formatting (Method #2) which I learned from the site above is as follows--changing the table in the CSS:

Place the following line of code in your CSS:

.nobr br { display: none }

Then place the DIV tags around your table as below:

<div class=nobr>
<table border=2>
<td>OR TEXT</td>

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How To Hide Comments

Turn Off Comments

  1. Go to Settings,
  2. Go to Comments,
  3. Go to the first item (Comment again),
  4. Now select one of the three choices.
  5. Select Hide, not Show and make sure that selection is not highlighted.
  6. Your comments will not appear to your readers after this.
  7. Be sure to scroll down the page and click on Save Settings when you're finished.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Where Is "Style" In New Blogger?

  1. When you open the template, move to the Edit Html tab and click it.
  2. Search for "Body" and other Style (CSS) items that you might already be familiar with from Classic Blogger, though they are not called "Style" any more in New Blogger templates!

    (Note: CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets).

  3. You might see something like this:

    body {
    background:oldlace; url("http://www.blogblog.com/harbor/rocks.jpg") no-repeat right bottom;
    font:x-small Georgia, Serif;
    font-size/* */:/**/small;
    font-size: /**/small;

    At that point you are in the Style (or CSS) section.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Adding Pages

Adding Pages, MS Word Documents, Spreadsheets

Some people want to add pages other than just another post, maybe something with a document or spreadsheet look. They should check out:
Google Docs and Spreadsheets
Google Sites
I only used Google Docs for implementing MS Word documents, so I have limited experience. Google Docs worked very well for me, much better than merely trying to put a Word document into the Blogger Editor—and, of course, you can't "attach" a document as you can in emails!

If you can create or paste your file in Google Docs, you can of course create a link to it from your blog or elsewhere.

Other programs said to be useful in this situation are: